Course Summary

In this Workshop, you will develop your own personal "North Star", a book guide written and developed by YOU.

Nobody knows better how you should live your life than yourself.

All it takes is the courage and the curiosity to “try on” how it could look and feel like to cultivate a better version of yourself and a life that supports your vision.

Your future self is waiting for you to arrive.

Course Curriculum

1. Your Brain Health & Your Weight

This is all about: Your health and the person you want to become. What do you think about your present health, which are your habits, and what do you think you are creating for your future.

2. Midnset

This is all about: Your mind, where do you spend time in your mind, what are you creating, & what do you want to create.

3. Relationship With Self

This is all about: You and your relationship with yourself. What is the way you talk to yourself? What are you willing to do for yourself? 

4. Money

This is all about: Your relationship with money. What is your money blue print?

5. Your Style

This is all about: What is your style? 

Course Pricing

  • My Life, My Masterpiece
  • $47 CAD

    Create your own future. What do you want to keep doing because you love it and what do you need to change to become your best self

  • 5 Days of email inspiration notes
  • 5 Days Live Group Coaching
  • My Life, My Mastermind Workbook
  • Private FB Group