I work with professional women to overcome stress and anxiety and become their best self.

Together we are going to create

- Freedom from anxiety
- Fulfillment in your life
- Peace of mind
- The enjoyment you have worked so hard to achieve and deserve.

Brain Health

Brains run the world. They run governments, businesses, schools, families, and YOU.
Success always starts with a healthy Brain!.

Manage Your Mind

All chronic stress is created by your mind. Likewise, all success is created by your mind. Learning to manage your mind is a skill that will help you control, organize and coordinate your mind in order to define and achieve your goals


Achieve Great Life Results

A healthy brain working in harmony with a managed mind will help you overcome struggles and achieve all your dreams.

“We suffer more from our imagination than from our reality.”

Today you are starting  a new journey!

You are here for a reason.
You are looking for answers.
You are looking for solutions.
Your are looking for help, and you just found it!.

" I was feeling out of control. Very stressed at work, and at home as well. After my first coaching session I realized that I wasn't helping myself. Miriam is very kind and she guided me to explore old believes that I never questioned before."

Sarah M.


"Miriam is warm and she has a great calming energy that helped me navigate and understand how I can look differently at a problem. So after each session I got a new outlook and was able to see changes in my thinking and after in my life."

Abbie N.


" I was feeling confused and anxious dealing with problems that affected my daily life. With Miriam's help, I was able to see my problems with a different perspective that allowed me to change my attitude and get different outcomes. Her support has been amazing!
Gerardina D. 


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