Hi, I'm Miriam,

I'm a mother of 3, wife, daughter and lover of nature.

The best part of my life started when I met my husband. We were young, full of dreams, and life was hard, but we had each other.

We both were children of divorced mothers, so we both agreed that our priority was going to be our relationship and our children.

And everything was right, until it wasn't.

I wanted more

Surprisingly, I was living a very comfortable life.

I had a beautiful and healthy family, we were well off financially, my husband and I were doing great, etc.
However, I had this gnawing feeling, this uncomfortableness, this feeling deep inside that kept telling me I wanted something different. The problem was, I didn’t know what.

I wanted change, but I didn't know what that that change needed to be, and I was afraid to be the one that had to change.

So, my husband and I dreamed and talked about living in a different country, buying a new house, moving to a different town.  I kept doing the same thing over and over, changing little things, but always afraid of the making the big changes.

Today, I better understand why I had so many struggles.  What I realized was  that the change I needed was within myself.  

I had to get out of my own way.  I realized that investing in myself and my dreams is what I needed, because I am worth it!    And so, I began my journey.

I realized that I had old believes did not apply to my life anymore, and that I never took a moment to "check" these believes.

Quite simply because it wasn’t obvious, and the wheel of life gets you turning and turning, and we don’t give ourselves the time to stop, feel, think, analyze, and ask ourselves the right questions. Those questions helped me establish the things I really wanted so I could feel fulfilled.

Once you know what you truly want; even if/when you feel lost, you will be able to live for and move towards your true purpose.

You don't need to spend years trying to figure out what your purpose is. Whenever you want, I am here to help you start your journey, so you can begin truly discovering yourself.

With all my love, from me to you.




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